Pump Station Constructions
Posted on Jun 4th, 2011

FYI The city of San Diego is conducting an upgrade of the sewer pump station at 10110 Rue Chantemar.
They will be constructing a large underground emergency waste water storage tank along with mechanical rehab of the existing station and improvements of the sewer lines at the station. The area to the west of the pump station will be used for staging and holding equipment & large I-beams that will be part of the underground structure.
Lastly, we will have a new fence around the perimeter with a new smart-meter pedestal. Landscaping will be upgraded where damaged during the process.
It is estimated to be a 4-6 month project.
Thank you for your patience during the construction project. This is a good thing for our neighborhood, as we currently have no backup or overflow protection if the current sewer pump fails.