Greenbelt and Sinkhole Status Update
Posted on Oct 27th, 2018

Many homeowners have expressed curiosity and frustration about the fence that remains around the greenbelt on Rue Chantemar. I share that feeling.
The current status
At a meeting* on the greenbelt Thursday, October 18, it was agreed that the contractor and its landscape subcontractor would resod a patchy area of the lawn which failed due to a faulty sprinkler control valve. They will install a new valve, install one new sprinkler head for another area with insufficient coverage, and water the new sod for three weeks. If the sod is well established after three weeks, the City will approve it, the fence will be removed and our regular landscape contractor will maintain the turf as always. Optimistically, that would have the fence down toward the end of November. The City Attorney is to keep us apprised of steps as they are accomplished.
What could go wrong?
  • The City may delay approving the sod supplier thus delaying the contractor.
  • The City’s contractor may not install the sod promptly.
  • The City’s contractor may not water the sod properly.
  • The City may delay the final inspection and approval.
I asked the City attorney for an update yesterday (October 25). He did not respond.
As I get new information, I will continue to keep you updated.
Gary Whitney
*Attended by a City of San Diego Attorney, LVHOA attorney, the City Project Manager, the City Construction Manager, the City’s contractor (KTA) project manager, Bowen and Park Landscape’s project manager, Gary and Diana Whitney, representatives from Loire Valley, and several other City of San Diego employees.