Posted on Feb 1st, 2021

Over the last five years there has been a strong turn-over in home sales in Loire Valley and a strong increase in property values placing virtually all homes in our community in the seven-figure category. The HOA wants to remind all residents that one of our primary organizational objectives is to maintain the “community aesthetic” that has made our South of Pomerado enclave of homes such an amazing place to live for almost 40 years!

In the last few years, many residents of our community have expressed a general concern that over time, the community aesthetic has been diminishing, and one main area of concern relates to an increased number of cars being parked on the streets and on driveways as opposed to utilizing one’s own garage. Some of our original owners have stated that when this community was founded in the early eighties it was a rare sight to see a car parked on the street or driveway unless it was a visitor or delivery truck. Now that is clearly not the case.
The HOA is required to maintain strong vigilance with respect to our CC&Rs, Bylaws, and general principles of maintaining a clean & safe community for all members to enjoy. It’s a fact that communities with more cars parked on the street and in driveways results in lower property values and an overall diminished community aesthetic. Further, vehicles parked on the street and in driveways lead to a decrease in driver visibility with respect to spotting dog walkers, joggers, and children playing. If we can do something to promote safety for our residents (and at no monetary cost) then it should be done quickly and happily by our community.

The HOA would request that all residents work towards following the obligations set forth in the CC&R’s which state that garages are to be used only for parking of vehicles and storage purposes only. Specifically, Section 9.09 states: “The garages shall be used for the parking of vehicles and for storage purposes only and shall not be converted for living or recreational activities.”1
The HOA has increased the number of dumpsters brought yearly to our community (from 1 to 3) and placed them in strategic points to assist residents with being able to clean their garage in an efficient and convenient way, thereby enabling cars to be parked more easily in one’s own garage. If you have questions regarding this issue please do not hesitate in directing your request to the Community Association Manager, Therese Chrzan at Castle Breckenridge Management (Tel: 619-697-3191 or via E-Mail:
Thank you for doing your part to help make Loire Valley look great for the next 40 years!!!

1 This means that garages are to be used for both the parking of cars in combination with storage. Therefore, garages are not to be used exclusively for storage, nor exclusively for vehicles, but a combination of them both.
Additionally, Section 9.09 goes on to state: “Garage doors shall remain closed at all times excepting only for entering or exiting.”