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Neighborhood News
October Board Meeting Summary
Posted on Nov 22nd, 2023
  • Two water main leaks have been repaired.
  • Bowen & Park will begin replacing mailboxes and mailbox post house numbers on the replacement list.
  • Tennis court fence headers have been removed due to dry rot and termites
  • The pool gate has been repainted; a new fence section is at the vendor for powder coating
  • The purchase of two new tennis court nets was approved and ordered
  • The resurfacing of the courts has been postponed until 2024 due to the significantly increased cost.  Five companies were asked for bids, and only two responded.  One bid was double, and the other was nearly quadruple the expense of the last resurfacing.
  • In response to complaints about increased noise from the courts due to pickleball, the cost of sound-absorbing "curtains" for the surrounding fencing was researched. The estimates ranged from $35,000 to $49,000 (before tax and installation). Given the prohibitively high cost of this solution, the Board will discuss alternatives such as designating time constraints for pickleball.
Board Members for 2023-24:
Shannon Ramsinghani - President
Larry Colby - Vice President
Luke Vinci - Treasurer
Ron Marcus - Secretary
Rebecca O’Brien - Member at Large
HOA Fee Increase
LV HOA monthly fees will increase to $200/month ($10/mo increase) starting January 2024.  The cost of pool/spa supplies, water, landscape maintenance, and repairs has increased dramatically over the last year. It is uncertain whether fee increases will occur on an annual basis. The Board will review budget needs every Fall, and HOA fees will be kept as low as possible while maintaining our recreation parks and facilities. Given that our pool, spa, courts, and irrigation are nearly 40 years old, it is the board’s fiscal responsibility to homeowners that adequate funds are available for repairs and to contribute to our reserve fund (required by CA regulations).

After Hours / Emergency Contact Information
Call Castle Breckenridge @ (619) 697-3191 for Irrigation Leaks

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