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Loire Valley Semi-Annual Tree Walk-Through
Posted on Jan 4th, 2024
Dear Homeowners:
On Tuesday, January 9, we are conducting the semi-annual walk-through with Green Valley Landscape to identify trees that need trimming or removal. 
If you are aware of a tree in our community open space that you would like us to assess, please let us know before the walk-through. 
Now is the time to speak up and identify trees in the common areas that you feel need attention.  You can email or call me by Monday, January 8, I will bring it to the arborist’s attention during the walk through.
Please send me your feedback now. When the workers are on the premises in February for maintenance, it will be too late to get more input from homeowners. We cannot add to the work order as the Board will already have set and approved the contract.  
You are also welcome to join us for the walk through, we will leave from the pool area  Tuesday, January 9th, at 8:30 am, please wear good walking shoes as part of the walk through includes walking up on the hillsides. It usually takes 2-3 hours. 
Thank you,
Bob Ilko
Landscape Committee Chair
*please get in touch with Bob by Monday, January 8th if you have a tree you would like us to access.

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