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Tennis Court and Spa Updates
Posted on Sep 19th, 2019
Hello Loire Valley,
A few updates for our community regarding the tennis courts and spa:

Pickleball and Tennis Courts
  • The board voted to put pickleball lines on both courts 1+2 in accordance with the USAPA court recommendations for tennis/pickleball combination dual use courts.  
  • The recommendation is “tone on tone” lines (a lighter or darker version of the base court color which is blue in our case in Loire Valley) meaning a dark or light blue line (not black).
  • The courts will be fully renovated (which will include the new pickleball lines) in mid to late October so expect an update later this month with closure dates which will be approx 7-10 days.  
  • The renovation will include court resurfacing, maintenance/repair to the existing exterior walls, new windscreens, new fencing between the courts and new paint as required. 
  • The board felt after a considerable amount of due diligence that this decision was the best solution for all interested parties based on the community survey results and individual opinions from many passionate  homeowners.
  • The decision whether to maintain pickleball lines on the tennis courts will be re-evaluated each time the courts are re-surfaced (typically every 3-4 years).    
  • We sincerely appreciate the participation from so many homeowners to guide the board to the right decision.
Spa Maintenance/Renovation
  • The spa has numerous, significant, leaks that are complicated to repair. The leak testing indicates that the leaks are probably under the concrete deck but it is not 100% confirmed.  The location of these leaks is totally separate from the spa renovation project from last year or they would have already been repaired. These leaks were causing the spa to lose over 12" of water per day so it had to be shutdown for safety reasons.
  • There are only a few qualified vendors to do this type of repair and they are very busy this time of year. The board completed the due diligence, price negotiation and contracting over the last few weeks.
  • Demolition on the spa started yesterday, 9/18, with a hopeful operational date of October 1st depending on if the vendor finds/does not find additional leaks/problems.
Have a great day!

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